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Angel Hearts - Weighted Memory Hearts

Angel Hearts - Weighted Memory Hearts

TW: Infant Loss, Pregnancy Loss

In honor of the parents to those unseen but not unloved and in memory of their angels, we feel blessed with the opportunity to share with you the Angel Heart - Weighted Memory Heart Pattern. Angel Hearts are a heartfelt effort to connect bereaving parents with the memory of their angels and provide an opportunity for supportive resources to reach out.

Angel Hearts are fabric hearts filled to weigh the EXACT amount of an infant at the time of their passing. The matching weight of an Angel Heart, prompts soothing memories of what it felt like for family members to hold their infants. Similar to weighted blankets, the gentle pressure of the weight also provides a sensation of security and focus which calms a distressed mind. Apart from being a comforting tool for the bereaved family, Angel Hearts create an opportunity for supportive family and friends to reach out in love and provide supportive connections with those that are mourning.

This PDF package includes: 

    • Detailed instruction packet with assembly instructions, diagrams, as well as links to tips and tutorials for easy assembly
    • Printable versions of the pattern in US letter and A4 versions
    • Printable girls and boys themed name tags for heart customization

Sizing and Fabric Requirements

The Angel Hearts Pattern covers Infant sizes 1 – 10.5 lbs. Woven fabrics with little to no stretch are required. Fill can be made from polyfill or rice. Please see the pattern for full and important fabric details.

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