DIY Makeup Brush Carrying Case Tutorial {Free PDF Pattern + Cricut Maker Files}

So in early December, the hubs asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I generously told him that I don’t need much because Christmas is really about the giving for me and seeing the looks on my babies’ faces when they get their presents is all the gift I need. 

Between you and me though I had bought myself $150 worth of makeup brushes at the end of November and knew that my Christmas had already been delivered. So, in the end, I got an awesome Christmas present and he got to believe that he’s married to a saint. It’s a win/win. Newly committed women take notes…

So fast forward a few weeks and I’ve got a buttload of makeup brushes I’ve gotta hide from my husband make a pretty place for. And when I got my hands on a Cricut Maker, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to try the new rotary blade feature!



I love this carrying case because it is very compact. As you can see from the pictures, it rolls up for easy storage. I also lined mine with a vinyl fabric that is easily wipeable so I don’t need to worry about excess makeup staining the case. So let’s get to making yours!

Start by getting the pattern and Cricut files!  Download it from the shop and have them saved in your DIBY Club account.

Then gather your supplies:

Fabric Recommendations Requirements (in yards)
Main Fashion Fabric Cotton Woven 3/8
Lining Fabric Laminated Cotton/Backed Vinyl/Faux Leather 3/8
Binding Fabric Cotton Woven 1/8
Drawstring 32"

Cricut Maker Set Up

Everyone knows I love my Cricut. And if you own a Cricut Maker you’re going to love using it for this project! I absolutely love how it draws out all of your pattern markings for you and cuts everything without you having to lift a finger. And get ready to make a few for your friends because once you have this project set up, you can just click “make” over and over again.

So if you’re planning on using your Maker, watch the video below to see exactly how to set up your project and prepare your pattern using the included SVG files.

Printable Sewing Pattern

If you are using the printable PDF pattern files go ahead and print, tape and cut your pattern pieces as usual. Then cut out your fabric as directed. Not sure how to assemble DIBY patterns? You can watch the video tutorial here.

Preparing Your Binding

First, take 3 of the 4 binding rectangles you have cut and stitch them together using a straight stitch with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Be sure to backstitch at the front and end of your seam to lock in your stitches. Leave the fourth piece alone.

DIY Makeup Brush Case Connecting Binding 

Press open your seams.

DIY Makeup Brush Case Pressing Open Binding Seams  

Finally, prepare the binding by pressing both binding pieces (your new long piece and the single short piece) into fourths lengthwise. I like to do this by pressing it in half first, then pressing the two edges in to meet at the middle line. 

DIY Makeup Brush Case Pressing Binding

You can also do this a heck of a lot faster by using a bias tape maker. I don’t have one of these but it’s probably because I like to make things difficult (according to my dad…) Here is a link to some bias tape makers on Amazon.

Assembling the Main Pieces

Next, fold over the top of your pocket piece by 3/8″ and stitch it into place. The top of your pattern markings will meet at the edge of this fold as pictured below.

IMPORTANT CRICUT NOTE: If you used the washable Cricut pen for your pattern markings, do not iron this seam down. Heat will make the markings difficult to wash out. Simply fold it over and sew.

DIY Makeup Brush Case Top Pocket Sewn


DIY Makeup Brush Case Top Pocket Sewn2

Now grab your inside lining main fabric piece. This has the other set of markings on it and should also be a wipeable material. Lay your pocket piece over top and one by one align the markings with each other to create your makeup brush pockets.

DIY Makeup Brush Case Lining Up Markings

I like to pin and sew one line at a time rather than trying to pin all of the markings into place prior to sewing.DIY Makeup Brush Case Sewing Pocket

Continue until all of the lines have been sewn. Then baste stitch the sides of the pocket to the sides of the main lining to keep them in place while attaching your binding. 

DIY Makeup Brush Case Finished Pocket

Bind It

Now it’s time to bind it all together! Start with the flap by laying the two pieces wrong sides together and pinning the short piece of binding around the edges then stitching it into place making sure to catch both sides of the binding.

DIY Makeup Brush Case Binding Flap

DIY Makeup Brush Case Binding Flap Front And Back


Looking for crafting clips? Amazon has a large selection! Check here!

Trim off any excess.

Finally, lay your fabric with the main fabric on the bottom and the lining piece on top with the wrong sides together. Then align your flap with the top of these pieces. For the flap – the main fabric should be facing up so the lining fabric will be facing down, touching your makeup brushes.

Take your long piece of binding and wrap it around all of your layered pieces.


DIY Makeup Brush Case Binding Case

Once you reach the end of the binding, you can trim the excess, press in the raw end and fold it over the beginning.

DIY Makeup Brush Case Binding Edge

Use all the pins or clips your heart desires.

DIY Makeup Case Binding Case 2

Then stitch the binding into place.

DIY Makeup Brush Case Half Open

As a final step, you can cut a 32″ piece of drawstring and sew it to one of the sides of your case. 

DIY Makeup Brush Case Add String

This will allow you to tie this pretty little thing closed when you need to tuck it away. 

  DIY Makeup Brush Case Closed

Look at all of those happy makeup brushes all tucked in for the night.

DIY Makeup Brush Case Opened

I can’t wait to see yours!

-- Originally written by Jessica Hooley. Archived by Kelsey Back.

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