DIBY Club Anniversary Letter - November, 2023

Wow - I can't believe it's been over a year already! Most of you know that in spring of 2022, Jessica announced that she was closing down Do It Better Yourself Club (aka DIBY Club). I reached out to her and in July of 2022 I bought DIBY Club from Jessica.
The past 14 months have been a ride! Right away, I reached out to my friend Holly for part-time help. I knew I couldn't do everything I wanted to with a full-time job & family. Holly has been an absolute brilliant godsend! <3 
This past year, I ran a test for a pants pattern that is on hold while I work out expanding the size range for the pants. This pattern is a flat front pant drafted for a traditionally mens shape. It was not originally drafted in the full size range. It is important to me that all patterns be released in the full size range AND that all sizes are drafted accurately and true to design. On a recent Mel Robbins podcast, the fabulous KC Davis said, "Your body is not meant to fit into clothes. Your clothes are meant to fit YOU." I don't think there is a better way to describe the driving force behind the new patterns that are in process right now or the DIBY Club ethos. 
Speaking of ethos - core to my vision of DIBY Club patterns is that everyone is not only welcomed in the DIBY Club community, but that their presence is valued and their person is affirmed. I want to see more people who don't look like me in the DIBY Club community. In a recent conversation with someone about how to make this happen, she summed it up beautifully - "we don't need more allies, we need accomplices." I'm here to be an accomplice wherever I can. 

Amy - this is a sewing pattern company, what are you talking about? Listen if you don't understand how important representation is, then you are probably well represented! I'm not trying to be snarky here. The power of seeing people who look like you doing something is indescribable! If all I accomplish here is helping someone see that they can make and wear clothes that fit their bodies and make them feel good about themselves, I'm good with that. But beyond that DIBY Club is where everyone is welcome to come be a part of a community. 
Over the next few months, the pictures you see on the web site will include people from a variety ethnic backgrounds, people with a variety of bodies - people with larger bodies,  people with disabilities, people with bodies in transition. Getting these photos and getting them on the site will take time and energy- but it is something I'm committed to. I believe in the power of representation. (If you are a sewist or sew for someone who fits what I'm describing, please reach out!)

There's a sneak peak of a fun new pattern for wovens below. In the next couple weeks, you'll see a sneak peak of another new pattern. This one is a fun, casual button down shirt with some fun details. This shirt is drafted for a straight pattern block (traditionally a mens block). I'm happy to share that the pattern goes up to a 60 inch/152 cm hip, 62 inch/157 cm waist, and 64 inch/162 cm chest. I'm excited to share some of the ways to style this shirt later this month!  

Peplum top new pattern

Looking forward to sewing with you in 2024!

Amy Back, Owner, DIBY Club