Collection: Regencycore Collection

Dear Reader,

We think this collection of Copper Creek Patterns will inspire your Regencycore fantasies. What's Regencycore? Regencycore is a trend that has swept through the fashion world, bringing with it a touch of historical elegance and romance. This style draws inspiration from the Regency Era, a period in early 19th century England known for its distinctive fashion, architecture, and art. Think lace, florals, pearl accents, and dramatic colors.

Recently, Regencycore has gained significant popularity, thanks in large part to the hit Netflix series Bridgerton. If you're captivated by the elegant attire and lavish settings of this period drama, here are a few patterns that will have you be the Diamond of the Season and the talk of the Ton!

If you're wondering how to recreate these looks, or need a few tutorials to sharpen your skills, take a look at our Regencycore blog here!