How to Customize Your Jeans {with Videos}

So you’ve made your own jeans! Woooo hooo! You are killing it. Now it’s time to add a little customization. I mean you made jeans just for you, why not take them to the next level ammiright?

Customizing your jeans is the best part if you care about my humble opinion. And really the options are endless. I hope you check back at this article frequently because I plan on adding many, many more tutorials as I record them.

RTW Style Distressing

With some sandpaper, bleach and a little elbow grease, you can make your homemade jeans look just as good as the designer jeans on the rack!

RTW Style Distressing Customize Jeans DIBY Club Tutorial

Pattern Featured: The Walker Shorts

Watch the video tutorial below!

Back Pocket Stitching

Funky back pocket stitching is a staple in the denim world, but sometimes it can be tricky to come up with a suitable design. So I put together 10 back pocket stitching guides you can have for free! Just grab them here and spice up those back pockets!

Back pocket stitching DIBY Club Sewing with Denim Customization

Pattern Featured: The Dauphine Skinny Jeans

After you’ve grabbed the template guides, watch the video tutorial below for free motion stitching!

Thick Top Stitching

Topstitching my me-made jeans is like therapy for me. I love it. And sometimes I really want it to make a statement. To really make that topstitching stand out either snag some super thick topstitching thread or just double up your regular thread! Say what?

Yep, you heard me. You can just grab a second spool of regular thread and thread both strands through the machine and needle at the same time to give you a thick stitch.

Another tip – use a triple straight stitch instead of a single long straight stitch. The triple stitch bulks up that topstitching even more to give you this banging look:

Dauphine Skinny Jeans Detailed Back Pocket

Pattern Featured: The Dauphine Skinny Jeans



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