Meet Nora, One Essential Sweater Pattern Our New Favorite Sweater

Winter is finally here and so are the chilly temperatures! So brew yourself a cup of joe and settle in with Nora Sweater Sewing Pattern. The new DIBY Club PDF sewing pattern is finally here and she is AMAZING. Seriously guys, this pattern is flattering on everyone and is trendy to boot! Starting with the banded and split hem options and ending with the drawstring funnel collar and elbow patches, you are going to find yourself making more and more and more of Nora.

Three women standing each wearing a different Nora sweater. One sweater is gray with black stripes, one is solid black, the third is white with small black stripes and tan elbow patches. The first two women are Caucasian, the third is hispanic.

This sewing pattern is drafted for knits – sweater knits to boot. So keep warm this winter and have fun. The Nora PDF sewing pattern is a beginner friendly sew and all of our patterns come bursting with support articles, illustrations, and videos. You can’t go wrong starting with a DIBY pattern. We strive to keep it simple and to keep you stylish!

Check out some of the gorgeous creations from our testers!

A collage of 6 pictures of women wearing the Nora sweater. The first is a caucasion woman with short, dark, curly hair wearing a sweater with a dark gray bodice with white dots and floral sleeves. The second is a blonde caucasian woman wearing a gray scoop neck Nora sweater. The third is is a white woman with long dark hair partially pulled back. She is wearing a light blue gray Nora sweater. The fourth is a black woman with shoulder length hair wearing a floral sweater with a tan base. The fifth is a white woman wearing a dark green Nora sweater. The sixth is a white woman with short dark hair where a green sweater with a cowl, drawstring neck. The text of the collage says: The Nora Everyday Sweater. A PDF sewing pattern by Tester Creations.

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