How to Sew a Dart and Feel Va-Va-Voom in your Clothes {VIDEO}

Ok, I’m just gonna say it. Stop. Being. Afraid. Of. Darts. Stop it. Stop it now!

These little “inconveniences” to your sewing patterns add shape to your clothes that are simply impossible to achieve without them. They are typically found in patterns made for woven fabrics, but you may come across a dart in a knit sewing pattern from time to time as well.

Darts will give your bust dimension, your booty some plump and your whole body just an overall va-va-voom if I do say so myself.

So embrace patterns with darts. You may find that you end up preferring them to their flat counterparts. So are you ready to sew one up? Check out the video below:

-- Originally written by Jessica Hooley. Archived by Holly Hetzner

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